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Legal Department

The Legal Department is the policy arm of the Directorate for Ethics and Integrity. Its main objective is to strengthen the Legal and Policy framework to fight corruption and rebuild ethics and integrity in Uganda. With regard to the coordination role, the Legal department is responsible for tracking the enforcement of anti- corruption policy and laws. This exercise is expected to ensure compliance and to enable the identification of challenges that law enforcement agencies face during enforcement and, also a mechanism to identify lacuna in the existing law and, new and emerging issues in the fight against corruption that would require new legislation.

Functions of the Department

Staff Establishment

The Legal department is headed by the Commissioner Legal Services, Mrs. Ruth Olijo Namirembe. The structure of the department is as follows:


  1. Review and ammendment of the Leadership Code Act 2002
  2. Popularization of anti corruption laws
  3. Training of law enforcement officers and Civil Society on effective implementation of anti corruption laws
  4. Dissemination of National Anticorruption Strategy 2009-2013
  5. Enactment of the Procceds of Corruption Act
  6. Enactment of the Anti Pornography Bill 2010
  7. Enactment of the Anti Homosexuality Bill 2010
  8. Ensure full implementation of international anti corruption legal instruments
  9. Enactment of the Quitam law
  10. Establish IAF information sharing mechanism and high profile case management system
  11. Enhancement of Mutual Legal Assistance legislation