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Background of the Directorate

Article 99 (4) of the 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda empowers the President to designate responsibilities to any institution or agency to help him or her perform the functions as prescribed in clause (1) of the article. In pursuance of this article, His Exellecy the President in 1996 assigned the Vice President the responsibility of overseeing the fight against corruption that led to the establishment of an Anti Corruption Coordination Unit. In 1998 this Unit was later re-designated the Directorate for Ethics & Integrity (DEI) as the policy arm in the fight against corruption with additional mandate of rebuilding ethics and integrity in the society. In the government Sector Wide Approach to Planning (SWAP), DEI is a member institution of the Accountability sector. It is the Secretariat for the Anti-corruption Inter- Agency Forum (IAF) and therefore coordinates efforts to all IAF member institutions

Core Values

Integrity, Transparency, Honesty and Accountability (ITHA)
Values are fundamental moral foundation for conduct, growth and development at both personal and Institutional level. DEI has core values that enhances its institutional culture and fosters conducive working environment. The staff of the Directorate therefore are expected to uphold the following values;

Integrity ensures consistency and uprightness in ones character. This therefore means the Directorate's staff shall;

Honesty is a quality of truthfulness to oneself and others. It compels one to demonstrate right judgement and make objective decisions. The DEI staff thus shall be;

This is promoting the duty and obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one's actions. The DEI staff shall;